Earthquakes; Japan 2011

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Earthquakes; Japan 2011


  • Japan is a feature of an ocean-ocean convergent plate boundry
  • There's the Eurasian plate to the west, Pacific plate to theeast and Philipean plate to the south east
  • Built up pressure of the subducting pacific plate eventually released as an earthquake
  • The magnitude of the earthqukae measured 9 on the Richter scale


  • Very little damage in Tokyo due to the buildings being built to withstand earthquakes
  • 15,854 people were confirmed dead
  • 26,992 people injured
  • 3155 people went missing
  • Meltdown of the fukushima niclear plant
  • The upthrust of the eusasian boundry released a lot of energy up through the water causing a tsunami
  • The tsunami reached it's heighest in sendai of 10km inland and reached 40m in miyako
  • Although japan had coastal defences (sea wall) they were too small and didn't hold the tsunami back at all

Overall summary

Although the earthquake was large, the most damage came from the tsunami afterwards. Japan wasn't prepared for a tsunami of thate size.


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