Dorothy Lintott

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  • Assertive
  • Passionate
  • Caring
  • Intelligent
  • Witty/Sarcastic
  • Maternal/Matronly
  • Perceptive
  • Provides a much needed female perspective in a cast otherwise comprised of men.
  • Brings to attention the themes of gender and inequality.
  • Acts as something of a maternal figure to the boys
  • She is a commentator - an onlooker and observer, much like Scripps Scripps, providing an external view on events.
  • Whereas women are usually portrayed as submissive, Mrs Lintott is presented as a dominant character, contradicting this tradition.

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Important Quotes

  • Nicknamed 'Tot or Totty' by the boys; 'totty' being defined as 'Girls or women collectively regarded as sexually desirable', perhaps emphasising her gender and thus her expected role in society - as nothing more than a bit of totty.
  • Mocks men as figures of authority, especially the headmaster, who she repeatedly refers to as a '****'.
  • Use of terms such as '****', '****-struck', and other male-orientated language (in other words, language used primarily by men) to mock men.
  • Uses her soliloquy to emphasise women's muted role in society.
  • 'History is a commentary on the various and continuing incapabilities of men'
  • 'I have not hitherto be allotted an inner voice, my role a patient and not unamused sufferance of the predelictions and preoccupations of men.'
  • 'Unsurprisingly, I am Tot or Totty. Some irony there, one feels.'
  • '...My gender some sort of safeguard against the onward transmission of information ...'
  • 'Can you, for a moment, imagine how dispiriting it is to teach five centuries of masculine ineptitude?'
  • 'History's not such a frolic for women as it is for men. Why should it be? They never get around the conference table.'


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