Disadvantages and Advantages of the Work house

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Disadvantages and Advantages of the Work house


  • Gave paupers food and accommodation
  • Gave support to the poorest in society
  • Less eligibility
  • Reduced costs in some areas
  • Gave pauper children an education and apprentincehsip
  • Put people off entering the work house
  • Centralised control


  • Outdoor relief was cheaper
  • Was not useful for areas in the North- cyclical employment
  • Strict discipline (implemented by the Master and Matron)
  • Took away the paupers' individuality and uniqueness (no personal privacy/ dehumanised)
  • Segregated people, who were then treated differently (families included)
  • Boards of Guardians about money and cost cutting
  • Spoiled food and drink (barely enough to eat)
  • Poor living conditions
  • Hard punishments
  • Monotonous work (Manual labour)
  • Examples of work; rock breaking for roads, bashing the hemp, rope fibres
  • Poor medical conditions, high in disease and the master who could decide who was treated


The disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. They were punishing those who were the weakest in society and who needed help. Also, on the apprenticeship point, children were often moved miles away without parental consent and without them even knowing. Strict segregation meant that families were unlikely to see each other again.


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