Databases Relational over Flat File


Databases Relational over Flat File


  • Data Integrity, You Only need to change the data in one of the tables, it will then update itself
  • Data Redundancy, By having a relational databse it ensures that no attributes are repeated
  • Data Consistency, There is no chance of the same attribute being stored in a different format in a different file
  • Data Flexibility, When dealing with queries, it gets much easier creating deeper queries with a relational Databse
  • Greater Efficiency, as you only have to input the data only once into a relational database it saves time and human resources


  • Complex, Relational databases can be very complex and without the necessary training can be very hard to break down.
  • Expensive, Relational databases are mostly commercial and require the user to buy that piece of software or licenses for more than one machine


Relational files can be linked into more than one table than are linked from one to another.


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