Cystic Fibrosis

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Cystic Fibrosis


  • Genetics
  • Hereditary
  • Faulty CFTR gene, affecting the normal working of protein


  • Physically: stunted growth, malnutrition, recurring lung and chest infections, constant coughing and wheezing and daily physiotherapy needed.
  • Intellectually: lack of concentration at work or school, absences resulting in falling behind in subjects which can affect future opportunities of gaining the qualifications needed for further education as well as learning more about the condition.
  • Emotionally: worry and awareness of shorted lifespan, anxious about their future and his/her parents feeling guilty due to the condition being caused by genetics.
  • Socially: may not be able to visit friends if they are unwell, as this can affect their condition, lack of social skills and losing friends when they're unable to attend school/work.
  • Financially: may find it difficult to withhold a full time job due to recurring infections, will need to pay for treatment such as the vibrating vest as this is not supplied by the NHS, family may also need to take time out of work to look after the child when they are unwell.

Overall summary

Barriers: environmental, educational, employment & societal Risks: bullying, isolation/social exclusion, stress & self-harmLegislation: the equality act, the care standards act & the child protection actPolicies: school/workplace anti-bullying policy & the workplace equal opportunities policySupport/safeguarding: (mainstream school) teachers sending work home and providing lunchtime catchup sessions when they are unable to attend school, EWO can shorten their school day and personalize their timetable to allow physiotherapy to be fit into their school day.


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