Cornish Rebellion 1497

Cornish Rebellion 1497


  • In 1491 Perkin Warbeck claimed to be Prince in the Tower, Duke of York.
  • By 1497 there was a challenge to Henry's right to rule, by Perkin and Scottish help.
  • To stop Scottish invasion Henry needed £88,000 on top of tax.
  • Cornish refused; decline in the tin mining industry.


  • Cornish Marched towards London.
  • Gained support from Lord Audley.
  • Henry sent 25,000 troops. Rebels were outnumbered (15,000) and forced to disperse.
  • 1,000 killed.
  • Flamank, Josheph and Audley executed. Few wanted to join Warbeck in another uprising.

Overall summary

1000 Rebels killed. Leaders were executed, heads were put on London Bridge to scare people. Severe financial penalties placed on rebels. Took place in Cornwall, troops fought at Battle of Blackheath. Flamank (gentry). Joseph (commoner). Audley (noble).Commoners rebellion.Henry VII.


Mohammed Asrear


There was 2,000 killed not 1,000