Corbyn and New Labour


Corbyn and New Labour


  • Want justice and equality.
  • Want Voting reform.
  • Provide equal chances
  • Welfare state
  • Control capitalism.
  • No benefit cap.
  • Every child  right to education.
  • Want some nationalisation.


  • J: Capitalism should be controlled. NL: Should flourish.
  • J: Reduce competition, more nationalization. NL: less nationalisation, more competition.
  • Collectivism vs individualism.
  • J: Large industries nationalised, tradeunions should flourish. NL: Tradeunions should be limited, increase privatisation
  • J: Redistribute income and Tax the rich more. NL: create responsibility, Low tax pledge.
  • J: End austerity, intro max wage.
  • J: Anti-EU (1970 view).
  • J: Antiwar, srap trident, withdraw from natio, pro-immigration. NL: Pro-War (Iraq).
  • NL: Free market and competition.
  • NL: Inequality is natural if chances are equally given.
  • NL: More tough on crime, no rehab.

Overall comparison

Jeremy Corbyn holds an Old Labour left wing ideology when compare to the Third way, New Labour by Blair. Jeremy Corbyn is more Left wing that Blair where as Blair adopted more policies from The New Right which meant some of his policies were influences by a right wing side. These two are different as they're firstly apart from the political spectrum.


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