Comparison of Renewable Energy Resources

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Comparison of Renewable Energy Power Stations


  • Low running costs once set up.
  • Solar and Biomass powered stations can be set up anywhere.
  • Tidal power and geothermal resources do not depend on the weather.
  • All renewable resources will never run out.
  • Better for the environment and does not add to global warming/climate change.
  • Do not give off harmful gases.


  • Tidal, Waves, Wind, Hydroelectric and Biomass powered stations are visual pollution.
  • Where geothermal stations can be set up is limited - only where hot rocks are near the Earth's surface.
  • Renewable resources often need bigger power stations which take longer to set up and cost more.
  • Hydroelectric dams need large amounts of engineering to make it safe which causes it to be even more expensive.
  • Do not provide as much energy as nonrenewable energy power stations.


Overall, the advantages weigh out the disadvantages. We need to think about a sustainable energy resources and power stations to be used for future generations. Using nonrenewable power stations will cause the Earth further damage and leave people clueless when they run out.


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