cognitive approach

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cognitive approach


  • Cognitive approach pays careful attention to what client says as it reveals what client thinks and believes.This allows therapist to target dysfunctional thinking or beliefs and therefore identify potential issues.
  • Unlike the psycho-dynamic approach therapy is less time consuming.


  • The cognitive approach works by the client talking to the therapist, after the therapist will identify dysfunctional thinking. Due to this the approach is often criticised for not investigating the underlying causes of peoples problems. Unlike the psycho-dynamic approach it fails to look for answers as to why people behave in a certain way.
  • This approach requires the client to talk to the therapist therefore it may not be suitable for people with limited language skills. The client must be able to understand what the therapist is saying and have skills to put their own thoughts and beliefs into words the therapist also understand.


- pays careful attention to what clients says - less time consuming and cost effective - does not investigate underlying causes of peoples problems - not suitable for people with limited language skills


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