Checking Out Me History and Give

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Checking Out Me History and Give


  • Challenge the status quo and want change
  • Strong and direct to address the reader
  • Could be outsiders in society due to identity
  • Use of small stanzas to project clear messages to the reader with a strong rhythm


  • 'Give' uses a sarcastic tone and a sense of hopefulness
  • 'Checking out Me History' uses a confident tone and aims to bring about change
  • The character in 'Give' is being stopped from having a better quality of life
  • The character in 'Checking Out Me History' is stopped from knowing is own identity

Overall comparison

Both poems include characters that want change in their life, but there are people (possibly the readers) stopping these characters from making a change. However, the two poems have different approaches to get their message cross to the reader, resulting to bringing out different emotions from the reader such as motivation in 'Checking Out Me History' and embarrassment in 'Give'. 


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