Characters From Scrooge's Past




  • Fan is scrooges sister who is affectionate, loving, and full of laughter
  • Scrooge and the ghost agree that "she has a large heart"
  • She had a strong bond with him, calling her "dear,dear brother"
  • Fan had asked her father multiple times to allow scrooge home at chistmas and she is very excited. Shows importance of family at christmas time
  • Fan is dead at the time of the book, makes the reader pity scrooge and be more understanding why Scrooge is distancing from Fred
  • Scrooge's cheerful employer from when he was younger. Used as a contrast to Scrooge but hes a model for Scrooge
  • Fezziwig makes his warehouse "snug, and warm and dry, and bright" for a Christmas party, contrasts to Scrooge's office as an enployer
  • Fezziwig and his wife dance happily, family ahis priority
  • Fezziwig has the power to make people's lives good or bad and chooses to make them good. He doesn't spend lots of money on the party but what he does spend brings joy. Once scrooge realises this, he begins to do the same


  • Scrooge's beautiful fiancee.
  • She releases Scrooge from their engagement because he has more love for money than for her
  • She's poor and knows scrooge weighs "everything by gain" and became reluctant to marry her
  • The separation is a turning point for scrooge
  • Belle ends up witha life which is not "very large or handsome" but is "full of comfort". In contrast, Scrooge chooses a lonely lif devoted to money


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