Character Analysis Jack Hunter

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  • Jack- sensible/sane character (the only American character)
  • Understanding of Serafina's worries and promises to respect them
  • Loves Rosa- compliments her and tries to impress Serafina for Rosa's sake
  • Is realistic at the end, and knows what Rosa doesn't about their relationship
  • Foil to Alvaro- he is in love with Rosa, but is smart and sensible when making decisions
  • To be Rosa's primary love interest and help her to grow
  • To be the sane man within the play, and doesn't do anything impulsively
  • Also tries to help Rosa be more understanding of Serafina

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • Doesn't change much, but perhaps by the end has become more realistic about their relationship by the end.
  • Jack is a sailor, and for this reason, Serafina and Alvaro distrust him
  • Plays on American stereotypes
  • He is Catholic, so Rosa makes him swear on the Madonna to protect Rosa's innocence, which he upholds (with difficulty)


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