Character Analysis Alvaro Mangiacavello

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  • Idiotic- his actions with Rosa
  • Impulsive- getting a rose tattoo
  • Is attracted to Serafina- tries to impress her on their date
  • Tries to be understanding at Serafina's loss
  • Foil to the sensible Jack- he is idiotic
  • To be Serafina's love interest, to help her to get over Rosario and regain her passion
  • Helping Serafina in her relations with Rosa
  • Rosa- is critical of her and Jack, and then as result of idiotic behaviour scares her, thinking she is Serafina

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • First appearance- hero like, helping Serafina with the businessman and getting down, hints of his idiocy
  • Then grows into his idiotic and impulsive actions- such as the condom, getting the rose tattoo and actions with Rosa, however he does have moments of being sincere and respectful
  • Despite all, Serafina still takes him back in the end and ends up with him,
  • Alvaro's impulsiveness is first seen when he is introduced, he fights with a businessman despite knowing he could loose his job
  • Alvaro is suggested to be poor; he has three dependents and was dumped by his previous girlfriend for giving a fake diamond ring. He also keeps the chocolate from his previous girlfriend and gives it to Serafina.
  • Like Rosa and Serafina, he is also Italian.


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