Causes of the Russian Revolution- Population

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Causes of the Russian Revolution- Population


  • Population


  • Russia is a large country, with it's population spread through two continents
  • There was no railway system in the early 1900s, Russia was a less industrious than many other countries, including Britain and America
  • 70% of the population were peasants who were uneducated and weren't influential in government, they were easy to control in government
  • Nobility made up a small amount of the population, Russia had a very small amount of people deciding for the country and a small population who were very rich and a large population in poverty
  • The peasants resented their lack of education, their poverty and the power the government had by tax
  • They wanted to work on their own land, land owners treated them badly

Overall summary

The population didn't like the Tsar or the government, they wanted a different government.


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