Causes Of Immigrants From East Africa Coming To Britain Between 1948-72

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Why did people come from East Africa


  • Economic Hardship
  • ...
  • ...
  • Persecution.
  • ..
  • Economic Opportunity
  • ..
  • Prospect of returning home


  • East Africa was and still is a country where wages are low and jbs re hard to find. Therefore, the fact that Britain were offering jobs to these people due to the labour shortage, it was an offer they could not refuse
  • This is actually on of the main reasons why so many immigarted. In East Afric, many people of Asian origin decided to come to Britain because of persecution.
  • As said before, British companies and the British government were suffering a labour shortage and actually transported people from poorer parts of countries and offered them jobs.
  • This was a reason for many immigrants but a majority chose to stay in Britain due to reasons such as education for their children, better wages and housing, etc, etc.

Overall summary

To summarise, one of the more important reasons for coming to Britain was to escape persecution which was very bad at the time and still happens today. However, a lot of opportunities were given by the government due to the labour shortage after the war. Therefore, it was a win-win situation because Britain got their workers and the immigrants got what they were looking for in Britain.


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