Buckingham's Rebellion

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Buckingham's Rebellion (OCTOBER 1483)


  • Greed:                                                                                          - excess of patronage = unrealistic expectations                        - Duke of Buckingham expects lands in Devon, Somerset & West Country when R3 ALREADY gave him constableship of all castles & stewardship of all lands in shropshire & Herefordshire
  • Guilt:                                                                                           - Princes in the tower murdered                                                 - felt guilty in his involvement in their capture                             - is R3 the murderer or DofB???
  • Kingmaker / FEAR                                                                       - DofB contributed to R3 become king (supporter from beginning) but by 1483 R3 was very insecure on the throne (rumours, lack of heir, dissatisfied southerners) --self-interest   - He had just as strong a claim as R3


  • Rebellion fails
  • Duke of Buckingham executed Nov. 1483
  • Elizabeth Woodville (E4's widow) & Margaret Beaufort (H7's mum) put in contact
  • H7 gains more supporters (southerners) and rises to become a serious threat

Overall summary

Bucks Rebellion wasn't the event that ended R3's reign but it led up to it ya


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