Biological vs Behaviourist

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Biological vs Behaviourist


  • (+) both approaches are scientific which is a strength because scientific methods such as laboratory experiments allow great control over variables. This makes it easier for psychologists to establish a cause-and-effect relationship between variables.
  • (+) successful real life applications which benefit society; drug therapy vs SD
  • (-) both these approaches ignore the role of other factors such as internal mental processes. Therefore  they are not a full explanations of human behaviour and may prevent us reaching appropriate treatment for that individual.


  • (-) beh approach is more relevant to animals; weakness because animals are physiologically different to humans and so findings can't be generalised to us; e.g. Pavlov and Skinner
  • (-) beh focuses on nurture whereas bio focuses on nature
  • (-) beh focuses on the present
  • (-) bio is reductionist; weakness because by simplifying explanations, it ignores psychological factors such as individual differences and socioeconomical influences which could provide a fuller explanation of behaviour

Overall comparison

In conclusion, although both approaches are highly scientific, the biological approach is more useful than the behaviourist approach as it is relevant to humans, unlike the beh approach which is more relevant to animals and so its findings cannot be generalised to us and help us draw causal conclusions about behaviour.


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