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Facts & Figures

Queen's Council

  • Approx 12,700 barristers self employed
  • 3,000 barristers employed by organisations
  • Collectively known as 'The Bar'
  • Controlled and regulated by general council of the bar
  • Must be a member of one of the four Inns of court justice: Lincoln's Inn, Inner temple, Middle temple, Grays Inn
  • After at least 10 years as a barrister or solicitor with advocacy qualification can apply to Queen's Council
  • Around 10% of practising barristers are apart of the Queen's Council
  • Known as 'Taking silk'
  • Deal with more complicated fees and command a higher fee

Key Terms


  • Advocacy- the act of speaking in court on behalf of another; conducting a case in court as the legal representative of another person
  • Rights of Audience- right to represent in court
  • Work for a set of chambers 15-20 barristers per chamber
  • Majority of barristers speacilise in particular areas
  • Majority of barristers concentrate on advocacy
  • Direct Access- no longer necessary for a client to go through a solicitor first before a barrister in civil cases, still mainly happens though. not applicable to criminal cases
  • To do direct access barristers must do extra training


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