B1 - Classification

Organisms generally produce far more offspring than the environment can support. Most will die before their adulthood beause there are not enough resources for all of them. This meaning food and space.

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B1 - Classiic

CausesGetting StartedGetting Started

  • Organisms have different characteristics
  • Organisms that can adapt to certain environments will survive.
  • Organisms that survive pass on their genes to their offspring.
  • Organisms that couldn't adapt will die.


  • They're in competition with other animals for resources.
  • Survival of the fittest - they wont get extinct quickly
  • More are reproduced
  • They'll become extinct.

Overall summary

There are organisms that didn't survive due to the environmental change or because they couldn't adapt well to their environments. This is due to their characteristics, many of which did survive because of what they're able to do and what they have. Many places have little resources so then a vary of organisms will start searching or even fight for it,so they have more space or food. This is called 'Survival of the fittest.' Offspring - New organism produced by a living thing.


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