Attachment Figures


Attachment Figures 



  • What is the role of the father? This question is never answered fully because findings are inconsistent.
  • If fathers have an inportant role in attachment, then why aren't children raised with homosexual couples different?
  • Unsure why fathers naturally do not take on the role of the primary attachment figure.
  • The importance of the mother in attachment is socially sensitive if mothers wish to return to work.


There are mostly weaknesses of research into the role of the father. Firstly, researchers are unable to answer the question of what is the role of the father because findings are inconsistent due to different studies into the father as primary and also secondary attachment figure. Therefore, we cannot answer this question because researchers are interested in different things. Studies have shown that fathers play an important role in attachment but this has been apposed by studies into children raised by Homosexual couples. These show that children raised this way don't develop any differently. This shows that fathers don't play an important role in attachment and development. There are also different reasons as to why a father doesn't naturally take on the role of the primary attachment figure. One may be stereotypes. Women are stereotyped as being naturally caring and nurturing ,therefore men may leave that role to the woman. Another may be that women have higher levels of oestrogen, which is a hormone involved in nurturing and caring. This means that women are biologically predisposed to be the primary attachment figure. 


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