Arguments for and against Appeasement

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Arguements for and against Appeasement


  • Many people remembered the horrors of the First World War and wanted to avoid another war at all costs.
  • Many people believed to Germany had been treated too harshly under the Treaty of Versailles.
  • Some people saw Communism as the biggest threat to European stability. They thought that Germany could act as a buffer, especially as Hitler was very anti-Communist.
  • Britain was not ready for war. Rearmament only started slowly in 1936, and the British forces were no match for the Germans in 1938.
  • Britain was preoccupied with the problems caused by the Depression, especially high unemployment, and wanted to stay out of unnecessary foreign involvement.
  • The events of the Spanish Civil War showed how powerful Germany was. Germany's forces had intervened on the side of the Spanish leader, Franco, and what they did showed how horrific another war was likely to be.


  • It gave Hitler the advantage. He grew stronger and stronger. When war came it was against a strong Germany. It was fought in Poland, a country too far away for Britain to help.
  • It was not right, Britain and France allowed Hitler to break international agreements, especially the Treaty of Versailles. The Covenant of the League of Nations had been signed by all its members. They were also prepared to give away parts of other countries, especially Czechoslovakia, to keep the peace. Appeasement was simply another word for weakness and cowardice.
  • Chamberlain misjudged Hitler. He believed Hitler was a normal leader who would listen to reason. He didn't realise, until it was too late, that appeasement simply encouraged Hitler to believe that he could do anything.
  • The appeasers missed excellent opportunities to stop Hitler, especially over the reoccupation of the Rhineland in 1936.
  • The biggest argument against appeasement is it did not stop war coming in 1939.





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