Ancient Egyptian History Rough Timeline

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3000 BC

3000-2850 BC 1st dynasty

2850-2770 BC 2nd dynasty

2770-2620 BC 3rd dynasty

2620-2500 BC 4th dynasty

2500-2350 BC 5th dynasty

2350-2180 BC 6th dynasty

2180-2160 BC 7th and 8th dynasties

2160-2120 BC 9th and 10th dynasties

2120-1991 BC 11th dynasty

1991-1785 12th dynasty

1785-1745 BC 13th dynasty

1745-1700 BC 14th dynasty

1700-1622 BC 15th dynasty

1622-1580 BC 16th and 17th  dynasty

1580-1314 BC 18th dynasty

1314-1200 BC 19th dynasty

1200-1085 BC 20th dynasty

1085-950 BC 21st dynasty

950-757 BC 22nd dynasty (Libyan)

757-730 BC 23rd dynasty (Bubastile)

730-716 BC 24th dynasty (Saite)

716-666 BC 25th dynasty (Ethiopian)

666-524 BC 26th dynasty (Saite)

524-404 BC 27th dynasty (Persian)

404-398 BC 28th dynasty

398-378 BC 29th dynasty

378-311 BC 30th dynasty (Sebennyte)

311-44 BC Ptolemaic Dynasty


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