advantages and disadvantages of the church


advantages and disadvantages of the church


  • Hospitality
  • Hospital
  • They knew about cures
  • Knew how to cure people by using books
  • Intelligent priests
  • Used herbal remadies
  • They use the professional works of galen


  • Followed Galens methods but didn't realise that he had made vital mistakes.
  • They hindered other types of medicine which they didn't know.
  • Did not allow dissection (later they would alow it.)
  • The church would throw monks in prison if they tried to find new way to cure illnesses if it when't past what Galen said.
  • In the whole of England and Wales there were nearly 1200 hospitals built that were ran from the church but only 10% cared for the sick.


i think the church only wanted to cure the sick for the money or that they didn't really know how to cure the sick or how to give remedies to the patients.


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