Advantages and Disadvantages of Inflation

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Inflation


  • Investors benefit form an increase in the value of stocks and commodities such as oil and gas
  • People get more money due to an increase in wages (wages increase with inflation)
  • Banks get more money (more people are able to deposit more in banks because of the rise in wages)
  • It is easier for borrowers to borrow money (banks are more willing to give loans at good rates because they have lots of money)


  • Retired people suffer because retiree benefits don't rise with inflation, but the cost of goods/services do
  • First time home buyers will have to pay more for houses (home prices rise and there are high interest/mortgage rates)
  • Currency depreciates (money loses its value because there is more of it in circulation)


Inflation is often seen as a bad thing however there are some advantages and some people benefit. Inflation needs to be regulated by increasing or decreasing interest rates (monetary policy) and controlling prices/wages.


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