School uniforms

A grid mapping out the advantages and disadvantages of wearing school uniforms.


Ads and Disads of school uniforms


  • Everyone's outfit is the same
  • People are less likely to pick on you for what you wear
  • People can instantly recognise that you're from your school
  • You don't have to decide what to wear in the morning


  • You don't get to express yourself through your clothing
  • There are often strict rules with how presentable you are in your uniform
  • When wearing uniform outside of school you're seen as an ambassador for your school, meaning you can't leave the rules behind when heading home
  • You can't adjust your clothing for extremes in temperature


School uniforms are great at making everyone appear equal, but they do restrict students from expressing their individuality. They're practical in that you don't have to think what to wear, but they're impractical in that they're the same whatever the temperature.


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I totally disagree with the "you can't express yourself statement" because you can still express your self through other things ,for example your working attitude!