1918 coupon election

coalition large majority 


1918 coupon election


  • •Opposition split (liberals)
  • Letters of endorsement prevented split within coalition
  • LG promoted liberal voters to vote conservative coalition in areas of no liberal candidate and vise versa
  • LG was popular after the win of the war
  • Enlarging the franchise made conservative popular


  • LG dependent on conservative support
  • >260 new MPs, some new MPs more difficult to control
  • Sinn Fein refused to attend parliament and set up an independent parliament sparking long period of violence in ireland
  • split in liberals proved fatal for the party
  • rise in labours popular vote and decision to become independent were signs of labour on rise to become main opposition party

Overall summary

neither liberals or labour big enough to compete with the coalition, both conservatives and LG relied on each other to stay in power conservatives: liberals - 3: 1 in coalition, conservative majority in the coalition so was conservative controlled  


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