1646-1660 HIS3D

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1646- End of Civil War

1647- Newcastle Propositions

Feb 1647- Scottish Army paid off by English Parliament 

Early 1647-NMA told to disband or re-enlist in Ireland

April-May 1647:Agitators were elected

4th June 1647

14th June 1647: Army Declaration 

July 1647

6th of August

Heads of Proposals

Meanwhile the levellers were questioning the nature of government

Levellers put forward proposals

Oct 1647-Agreement of the People

11th Nov 1647

15th Nov 1647

Dec 1647- the Engagement

Spring 1648- Royalist Uprisings

Spring 1648- 2nd Civil War

29th April 1648- Windsor Prayer Meeting

17-19 July 1648- Battle of Preston

6th Dec 1648-Pride's Purge

1st Jan 1649

20th Jan 11649

29th & 30th Jan 1649- Trial and Execution

1650-Toleration Act

20th April 1653-Dissolution of the Rump

Nominated Assembly (July-Dec 1653)

1654-57: The Instrument of Government

1655: start of Rule of the Major-Generals

Feb 1657: Humble Petition and Advice

Foreign Policy was key

3rd Sept 1658


1650: Charles II crowned king of Scotland

1659-After Cromwell's Death

Oct 1659- Rump dissolved

Dec 1659-Monck gets involved...

Feb 1660-Long Parliament 

March 1660-Long Parliament dissolved

April 1660- we hear from Charles II 

April 1660-Convention Parliament meet

8th May 1660- Charles II is King


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