Youth music groups!

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I am in my County's Youth Orchestra and i love it so much! It has definitely improved me as a player and i have met so many great people through it. Anyone else involved in any youth music groups who would like to share their experiences???

Posted: 06-05-11 19:14 by Katie W

I play for a county youth orchestra too and its brilliant!! Its great fun and Ive improved so much, especially with sight reading. And the music we play is amazing as well, its a really good feeling to be part of it, even when you only sit towards the back!

Posted: 06-06-11 22:39 by Oliver

Same, I love the music we play and I love getting to perform at different places. We performed at the schools prom in November at the royal albert hall which was great fun! What instrument do you play?

Posted: 08-06-11 11:58 by Katie W

Me too! I play the flute and I find sightreading so much easier now and I feel a lot more confident. i especially love movie theme tunes like pirates of the caribbean - sooooo much fun to play :) playing at the music for youth at birmingham symphony hall soon too

Posted: 08-06-11 12:02 by Lucy

Cool, we entered that too, but we always fail in Birmingham! Hopefuly we'll do better this year, were going to Birmingham on the 9th July, really looking forward to it:) I play the 'cello in the orchestra and also the piano, what do you play?

Posted: 08-06-11 14:00 by Oliver

I play violin in the seconds. We are going to Birmingham on that day too; i can't wait i really love the symphony hall and i'm really looking forward to playing there :) hopefully i will be starting the piano soon, i have always wanted to learn it

Posted: 09-06-11 16:01 by Katie W

I play in ---- youth orchestra! Not giving away details LOL! It's the name of a city!

Posted: 16-02-12 14:10 by Hannah

I play in the local brass band a help run a children's band :) I play flugelhorn.

Posted: 19-02-12 10:36 by Beth Haworth