You know you're lazy when....

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wat and i thought that was a  kiss

Posted: 29-03-12 20:13 by aliimz

sorry to disappoint...maybe next tym

Posted: 29-03-12 20:16 by M


Posted: 29-03-12 20:18 by aliimz

that moment where the teacher asks a questions...scans the audience and everyone avoids eye contact LOL

Posted: 29-03-12 20:21 by M

i do that all the time :P


But i still get chosen --

I never know the answer and end up blushing and stuttering..... EMBARRASING

Posted: 17-04-12 11:52 by Fyzah :p

awww but with ur cute kitty green eyes

Posted: 17-04-12 17:27 by aliimz

* blushes *

thank you :3

You have nice hair and big brown eyes... but you don't have any feet.... wait, you're hiding them :P


Posted: 18-04-12 09:31 by Fyzah :p