Year 10 doing AS level Maths, how much revision should i be doing?

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At my school you're allowed to do AS maths early. (However only 6 of us actually chose to!)

As i have no experience with AS levels (etc) I am just wondering if there is anyone that has done AS maths and has any advice for me?

like, if you were to go back in time to revising for your exam (knowing what you know now) would you have done more?

thanks in advance guys

Posted Fri 9th March, 2012 @ 17:54 by Ammy

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Hey, you are very brave for taking AS maths so early. Well done to you!

I got my results yesterday for my C1 and was very pleased with my grade! There was nothing i could say i should have been more prepared for.

However, my exam board was edexcel so it depends on which you are doing. I found that a lot of the Core 1 topics fitted in well with GCSE's and was just an extention of GCSE's with more advanced and complex topics. The only thing which is new is differentiation, integration and sequences. Although these did make up a large amount of the marks.

I am currently halfway through studying C2 and it is a fairly big jump. There are a lot more new subjects which will take more time to master such as logarithms and binomial expansions.

I would say the main difference between GCSE's and AS level for maths is the amount of marks per question- you can have a question which is worth about 12 marks. Usually a question will be broken up and the different topics are mixed within the question. For example there might be a question with a line going through a quadratic curve and the question might involve a simultaneous equation, integration, differentiation and co-ordinate geometry all in one.

To start off revising, i would recommend the questions found in the textbook to get the basic understanding of each topic. Then i would say past papers are the best way to revise. Most papers are very similar-just with different numbers. A lot of my friends suffered when they looked at questions and just didn't know which operations to apply to it.

Best of luck! And remember you can always resit in the future so there's no pressure.

Answered Fri 9th March, 2012 @ 20:06 by JessicaB
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I have just finished studying C2 of my AS level and completed a mock exam 2 weeks ago on C1 which i was very pleased with.

For revision I made out colourful notes with examples which I have been doing since the start of the year. I then received from my teacher past paper questions which were organised by topic. This helped as i found i struggled with the harder/higher marks questions based on calculus and I could look up 5 or 6 questions on this topic.

I have completed every past paper i could get my hands on! Completing past papers from the board you are studying helps your get familiar with the layout and type of question that will be asked. By the end of doing a large amount of past papers all different types of questions have been covered and there is not much different they can ask you. I found that I had completed questions very similar to the ones I got on my mock exam. 

Hope this helps you and I hope you do well in your exams :)

Answered Fri 9th March, 2012 @ 23:20 by Emma
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very helpful responses :)
My exam board is Edexcel, I just looked and they have lots of past papers on their website which I am going to spend the next few weeks doing.
thanks again guys

Answered Sat 10th March, 2012 @ 13:09 by Ammy