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Yay it's summer :)

Posted: 30-06-12 17:51 by sofia uchiha :P

yeh.. but looking out the window.... it doesnt feel like it! lol!

Posted: 30-06-12 18:02 by SciTech

Well it is London soooo :P I heard tmrwis gonna be warm :)

Posted: 30-06-12 18:05 by sofia uchiha :P


Posted: 30-06-12 18:34 by SciTech

how ccan u evr trust the weatherman huh? lolz..

Posted: 30-06-12 18:34 by SciTech

wooooh summer!!! Got a bbq comin up on saturday next week !! cant w8 =D

Posted: 30-06-12 19:10 by Braniac

It's sunny now, but was raining like crazy yesterday evening.

Posted: 30-06-12 19:53 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

lol Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch!!!

so true, wen i woke up this mornin to go to work , it was raining for like a 1h then it was really sunny =D

Posted: 30-06-12 20:11 by Braniac

yeah but half my summer is during Ramadhan--> oh well it will still be wicked

Posted: 30-06-12 22:50 by aliimz