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First and foremost; any moderators: There were no discussion rules anywhere and i know thestudentroom doesn't like advertising but i ask for a warning before removing this post. We are a non-profit website made by students for students for AS and A2 Biology covering most of the major examination boards (Primarily WJEC and AQA)

Biology-Innovation is run and maintained by Edd Turtle, a full-time education student in Wales (the UK) and Daryl Ladd, a full-time education student from Wiltshire, England studying at City of Bristol College. This gives them both a great insight into what is needed in a revision website. Whether there are particular subjects which students may find difficult or whether more information is needed, Biology-Innovation is here to help.


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Posted: 16-05-12 16:10 by Daryl Ladd

looks interesting 

Posted: 16-05-12 16:51 by LP-FTW

I have used your website before and found it very useful. It is very clear and straight to the point which is helpful when revising. I especially like the diagrams and the videos and I would recommend others to use it!

Posted: 16-05-12 19:07 by Sophie

Thank you Sophie, such a small world :P

We're actually planning on updating our videos this summer :D

Posted: 16-05-12 20:15 by Daryl Ladd