Wuthering Heights

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Any guidance/help/notes on how love is expressed in the book 'Wuthering Heights'?

Posted: 16-07-12 21:13 by Elysia Northall

ugh, i have loads of indepth notes on love in Wuthering heights. Ant specific types of love?

The destructive love between Heathcliff and Catherine is shown through Heathcliff's excalamtions of catherine haunting him, showing a psychological weakness, but also how his love for Catherine is destryoing him, especialy his diging her up from her grave!

Edgar Linton's love for catherine is shown through his general submissibe behaviopur due to her 'bad behaviour' but also as he wishes to keep her happy. His visting her grave often is another point.

Impulsive love is shown through Isabella as she 'loves' Hewathcliff befoire she ever really gets to know him and runs away with him.

Nelly's motherly like love for Heareton as a child and Catherine( the daughter) is emphasised

The slibling love between Isabella and Edra and catherine and haer brother can also show contrasting differences.

PLease e-mail me if you want specific things as this is all rather vague I'm afraid, i used Wuthering Heights in my coursework so i do have some in-depth annotations etc is you wish. =D

Posted: 19-07-12 14:41 by Dracupine