Would you help if you saw a person lying down on his/her face on the road?

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ur a grl arent u lol

Posted: 18-04-12 21:48 by Sabah x

lol im not gonna answer that.... just in case i say the wrong answer and it comes up as gossip again lol



Posted: 18-04-12 21:48 by Braniac

im a girl :D

Posted: 18-04-12 21:49 by Rayanne :)

(hmmm im overpowered at the moment 2 girls n 1 boy ..... wot to do ..... hmmmm lets c if i can blend in )    hiiiiiiiii gurls !!!!



Posted: 18-04-12 21:51 by Braniac

yeah i can tell Rayanne :)

lol jk beelal i cn tell ur a guy (i hpe u r nd dat im nt rng)

lol rndm q r u gay??????

Posted: 18-04-12 21:52 by Sabah x

heyyy ;D

Posted: 18-04-12 21:52 by Rayanne :)

lol no! Wasnt used to being round girls only durin school i met a few girls n they kinds know me it think ...... (Beelal turns shy)

Posted: 18-04-12 21:54 by Braniac

aww =P lol do go pink wen u turn shy???

Posted: 18-04-12 21:56 by Sabah x

nonono :P

Posted: 18-04-12 22:09 by Rayanne :)


Posted: 18-04-12 22:11 by Sabah x

lol dont know i sually cover myslef in a blanket when i get shy (oh no not agin ===> he hides under the quilt)


Posted: 18-04-12 22:30 by Braniac

lol haha

i didnt tink guyz gt shy!!!! =P

Posted: 19-04-12 10:57 by Sabah x