Would you have liked to be a Roman Charioteer?

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Would you have liked to be a Roman Charioteer in the Roman period? Give reasons for your answer based on this link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La70eV1mTe0&feature=youtu.be and this passage:

Ben Hur wraps the reins around his hands at the beginning of the race. He does this because it will help him to control the horses. The Roman governor, who is presiding over the race, drops a white cloth to start the race. Unlike the other drivers, Ben Hur is not wearing a helmet. The first crash happens when the chariots reach the turning point at the end of the spina. This was the most dangerous part of the track. The injured driver is carried off on a stretcher. Another crash nearly happens when a charioteer is forced to collide with the spina.. Golden dolphins are used to count the number of laps so far. Drivers used their whips to make their horses go more quickly. Drivers wore very little protective armour, and so serious injury was quite likely. There was also a danger that injured drivers could be run over by other chariots. Chariots were very lightly built and could fall apart if they collided with the walls of the track or with other chariots. ASAP PLEASE!!!

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