worried about whether AS resits will detract from A2s?

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in summer 2014 I took maths (edexcel), religious studies (edexcel), history (edexcel), D & T textiles (AQA), critical thinking (OCR) and general studies (AQA) AS levels and had 12 exams total. Next summer I've got A2s in all the same subjects and will have 11 exams for them, but I want to resit both RS AS modules, one history, both critical thinking, one general studies and possibly one maths so I'd have 17/18 exams - could anyone who resat some AS modules at the same time as A2s tell me whether that's realistic and if the work is doable? thanks a lot :)

Posted Sun 7th September, 2014 @ 15:38 by Freya

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I think re-sits in general are difficult and it is only recommended when you do really bad. A ******* twitter got BEEU in her first year and in A2 made it up by getting ABBC and attended King's College. I think you should only re-sit if you did seriously bad because the work load is a lot for A2.

Answered Tue 9th September, 2014 @ 09:32 by 1stephiee