work expereince?????????????

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Anyone got any tips for finding work expereince?

Posted: 02-08-12 19:32 by anum

watever place u r interested in.. go to them personally n talk to them about it because work placements are easier to get wen u directly go to the company rather than emailing and phoning... 

r u still in schoool, coz if u r.. talk to ur school career advisor, they r usually good at findin placements for u.. good luck !

Posted: 11-08-12 17:48 by ? Secret - Team GR

btw were u mean to put this discussion in the general studies rather than the geography section.. coz if u start this discussion in the general studies u should hopefully get more responses from people :)

Posted: 11-08-12 17:49 by ? Secret - Team GR


and thanks. I did try phoning a company, but they told me to email someone who deals with it instead, and im still waiting for a response.

Posted: 11-08-12 18:01 by anum