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Posted: 13-06-12 11:04 by Nathan

goood 4 u

nd gud luk 2 evry 1 else hu haz dem

Posted: 13-06-12 11:05 by crackhead

Envious that you have finished all of yours. I have one left, history. Hopefully it will go well. Good luck on your results

Posted: 13-06-12 12:31 by OneTooManyAnOpinion

thank you and good luck on yours

Posted: 13-06-12 12:33 by Nathan

Aw, :( I'm so jealous! I still have six more to go! 

(I'm so elated that I've finished maths FOREVER now!) ;)

Posted: 13-06-12 15:12 by furuba fan

As your finished write some motivational slogans for everyone else the link is:


Have a good summer and good luck on your results :)

Posted: 13-06-12 15:16 by Georgia

ive only gt 1 leftt den im freeeeeeee =) *** w8 ;)

Posted: 13-06-12 16:28 by waqar

congratulation Nathan xD

I have just one left...and then i am free too xD xxxxxxx

Posted: 13-06-12 18:40 by Namita

congrats Nathan :D lucky shmucker XD

i have three left next week.....sooo...close.....almost.....there.......

good luck everyone! x

Posted: 15-06-12 09:49 by Renn

me 2 woop! woop!

Posted: 15-06-12 15:04 by aliimz

me 3 =P

Posted: 15-06-12 15:51 by Akeel 786

aww waa i still have physics left :(

Posted: 15-06-12 19:17 by Terrie

good for you i have 1 left geography but its its on the 25th i have bareee time to reviseee

Posted: 15-06-12 22:50 by Maddie:)

JUST ONE MORE!!!!! THEN HERE COMES PARTY LIFE....sits back down on laptop.:)

Posted: 15-06-12 23:46 by SweetPain_07


I still have 6 more! :(

Posted: 17-06-12 16:49 by Cheryl_285

no way lucky you

have one more to go :)

Posted: 18-06-12 13:37 by flower123

ha luky me a gt none 8P

Posted: 18-06-12 14:18 by Akeel 786

i have NONE now xD xxxxxxxxx YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! xD xxxxx

Posted: 18-06-12 19:33 by Namita

ahhhhhhhhhhhh uuu soooo luckkyyy xDD my last ones on wednesdayy XD 

Posted: 18-06-12 19:40 by priya777

mines on the 25th :( still got a week to go...

Posted: 18-06-12 19:41 by AmyPond

:O come on lucia! last week, just give it your all! :D **

Posted: 18-06-12 19:42 by priya777

i feel aimless...and its been a few hours since i was officially exam-less!! xD xxxx i am kinda bored :/

Posted: 18-06-12 19:45 by Namita

LUCIA!!! are you ready for the maths tomorrow???? xD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted: 18-06-12 19:45 by Namita

thank you! I will strive on amongst the midst of barbecue fumes (i am doing an additional maths exam so everyone except the 5 other people doing it will be finished tomorrow and celebrating) and get the best grade i can...then collapse;) actually Im going to get coffee with my mum after ive finished which is something to look forward to:)

Posted: 18-06-12 19:46 by AmyPond

loool! ikr! i was thinking the same thing when my exams end, wtf would i do xD

its till september aswell :P ***

Posted: 18-06-12 19:46 by priya777