WJEC literature exam

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any tips for the unseen poem at the end of the literature exam?:)

Posted: 03-05-11 21:31 by Kelly:)

Hey i got a booklet for unseen poetry from my teacher and its basically just 6 paragraphs:

Paragraph 1- what is the poem about?

                   write 3-4 lines to explain what you think its about

Paragraph 2- what are some of the key themes in the poem?

                   now mention 1-2 of the poems possible themes write 2-3 lines

Paragraph 3-5 - tracking the poems main ideas

                       starting from line 1 track the poems main ideas until the end

Paragraph 6 - comment on the poems ending

                    what is significant about the ending of the poem? comment on the significance                        of the title. And your own personal response and what stood out! 

Hope this helps! :)

Good luck!

Posted: 04-05-11 20:23 by Fiyya <3

thank you, it did but I never know what to put for my personal response:s is it just like 'this poem makes me feel sad because..'? :)

Posted: 04-05-11 20:36 by Kelly:)

Yeah and just bits you liked and why!

You should its good!

Only do it if you can justify what you think and feel by using the text via quotes and stuff! :)

Posted: 04-05-11 20:38 by Fiyya <3

okay that is a major help!! thank you so much! :)

Posted: 04-05-11 21:10 by Kelly:)

No problem! :)

Glad it helped you! :)

Good luck! :)

Posted: 04-05-11 21:51 by Fiyya <3