Wife of Bath

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Does anyone find it hard to find revision resources on the Wife of Bath?

Posted: 28-03-12 21:55 by Kerry

i know what you mean, there's like nothing online! :( shmoop and enotes are usually the only things that get me through english exams..

Posted: 29-03-12 20:15 by rob

Another annoying thing is the fact that my college is doing this exam via WJEC and there past papers on their website look really confusing so I can't even see what the exam will look like. I hate the fact that it is a closed book exam (can't have the book) too. Chaucer is hard enough being in middle english with the book.

Posted: 29-03-12 21:24 by Kerry

i'm studying the WOB and have purchased a 'york notes' revision guide which is really useful as it gives you context of the prologue and tale serparately. Even better it's cheap so try looking on amazon or somewhere like that!

Posted: 02-05-12 15:52 by laura