Why do you have to pay to join the live discussions?

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I just wanted to attract some attention to this becuase personally I think it is ridiculous that we have to pay to participate in live discussions. Granted, there are a few people who do nothing but annoy others on it but I thought it was a great feature of this website which other revision sites do not offer. I joined the website mainly, if not solely, for that reason. You could discuss your subjects with other people and everything. It was a chance to learn something you might not at your own school because there was an integration of different opinions, different people, etc. Other websites may offer the service but all that I have previously tried are expensive hence I joined getrevising because the feature was free. I hate that you have to pay for it now and I understand it is "only" £4.99 but that for some people is a lot of money which can be used to purchase something else. I just don't understand why we are being charged for it. 

Also you aren't charged for joining but are charged to access some of the crucial features which are the reasons why people join in the first place. For example, what is the point of joining a revision site when I can't even access the resources, at least not completely. Why not inform us of this upon joining? I believe there is some sort of table which is shown when asked what type of registration one would like but seriously that does not offer sufficient information regarding the limited access one has once one has joined. 

I know this is sort of a rant but I would just like to attract some light to this so that alternative options could be offered such as a loyalty scheme or something. OR just remove the fee. I understand the site has to produce some sort of revenue but maybe they could ask for money for some other features other than the features which are essentially the purpose of the site. And do not advertise yourself as a free site when in fact you aren't. 

Posted: 20-11-13 21:26 by alisha_h

sorry about the spelling. I wrote it in a bit of a rush. 

Posted: 20-11-13 21:29 by alisha_h

I appologise for the very, very late response.

Firstly It is a matter of perspective, there are many great things that the site offers admittidly some of which you need to pay for. However a free account is given access to many useful tools for revising.

You can create your own study planner, which for some students is paramount in importance for structuring their times. You can create your own resources, using your own notes you are able to make resources such as flashcards, quizzes, mindmaps, crosswords almost anything you can think off are all free to use.

Another great tool you can use is being able to talk to other students doing your courses using the 'get revising' study groups discussion (not the private ones) which can help explain a tricky topic for you.

However the most important thing 'get revising' offers has to be its plethora of resources on offer, (My account is a free account and I can access them.) This alone makes this site an amazing and unique help to revision, as there are some amazing resources out there.

So although you miss out on private study groups and a couple of other details, you are being given for absolutely free a great wealth of knowlege.

I hope this has cleared some issues up,

with regards,


Posted: 18-12-13 08:08 by Ragnaros the Firelord