Why do different shaped delta's form at a rivers mouth?

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There is an Arcuate delta, a bird's foot delta and a cuspate delta and i was wondering what causes the deltas to be different.

AS level Geography

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Posted Wed 14th November, 2012 @ 17:48 by 94Y86
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  1. Bird's foot delta - fingers of depostition build out into the sea along the distributaries channels, giving the bird's foot appearance
  2. Cuspate delta - shaped by gentle, regular, but opposing, sea currents of longshore drift
  3. Arcuate delta - Distributaries break away from the main channel as deposition occurs within the channel, causing the river to braid; longshore drift keeps the seaward edge of the delta relatively smooth in shape

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Answered Thu 22nd November, 2012 @ 20:03 by Ellie White