Why do Christians think adultury is wrong?

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Christians believe adultury is wrong because it's seen as a sin, it goes against all the trust, companionship a marriage involeves. Christians believe in''do not commit adultry'' as this is the environment children are brought up in, therefore this can lead to marital breakdown due to adultry, financial problems, this can lead to the children feeling emotionally damaged.

Posted: 06-04-12 17:27 by Amina Khanom

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Ihave put together here some notes about different views from different types Chrisitan. It is all from my text book, I hope it helps.

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  • One of The Ten Commandments forbids adultery
  • In the marriage vows, the couple promise God that they will be faithful; committing adultery breaks that promise.
Posted: 08-04-12 19:22 by Olive d(>w<)b

Christians think adultery is wrong because:

It goes against one of the ten commandments "Thou shall not commit adultery"

It breaks the marriage vow of faithfulness

Christian marriages are meant to be monogamous (between two people) , sex is only meant to take part inside marriage therefore having sex with anyone besides your marriage partner is a sin

Posted: 12-04-12 15:03 by homz