Why do Boilers Break down?

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There is nothing worse then suddenly realizing that your boiler isn’t working. This horror show can ruin your day and if the problem persists you will might even need to invest in a new unit. If you are constantly investing in boiler repair or boiler breakdown service, then there is a very high chance the issue hasn’t been resolved or your unit has crossed its life period. However, it is important to understand that your boiler can break down for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons why boilers breakdown are mentioned below,

 Your boiler is more than ten years old

 Leaks in your boiler may cause the boiler to break down

 Deposit buildup keeps causing the pilot light to go out

 Air in the system or low pressure

 Frozen condensate pipe

 Thermostat issues

At the end of the day only a certified technician can diagnose the exact problem with your unit as there are so many different reasons why your boiler might not be working. A certified technician will have all the tools and skills necessary to inspect your unit and repair the issue. Please do not try to perform any types of repair on your boiler as this is extremely dangerous. Just make sure you contact a renowned plumbing services which can complete the job to perfection.

Posted: 24-01-20 13:24 by biebergrace