Who's GUILTY ?

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If you've read the book,seen the film or just know the story, who would you say is to blame for the death of Eva Smith ?

Posted: 02-01-10 18:14 by Shiny

i am stuck between Eric and mrs Birling

Posted: 02-01-10 18:16 by Shiny

I think the whole point of the play is that everyone had some responsibility, so everyone is to blame but some more than others

To teach society that they have to face responsibility and be kind towards eachother

Posted: 09-01-10 20:54 by I P B

True, but, if you were to pick one, Mrs.Birling or Eric , who would you pick ?

Posted: 05-03-10 22:25 by Shiny

i'd pick Mrs Birling or Mr Birling

Posted: 06-03-10 11:02 by I P B

Sorry for the really late reply, but that is quite true. because they played the major parts in bringing her down to a state where she is unable to support herself.

Posted: 16-01-11 15:42 by Shiny

All of there actions lead to her death 

Posted: 06-02-11 20:22 by Elizabeth Anderton-Allen

Elizabeth Anderton-Allen wrote:

All of there actions lead to her death 

Hey !

Yep that's quite true

Are you currently studying this play ???

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Posted: 07-02-11 17:44 by Shiny

yup ;) agree

Posted: 09-02-11 12:43 by Asha

i think mrs birling, because the others indirectly screwed up her life, but mrs birling actually forced her out on the street with no support when she had the chance to help. AND she knew what would probably happen to her :)

Posted: 05-04-11 17:20 by self-confessed worrier :/