who were the best female Muslims in Islam?

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i was just wondering, i have a great interest in this, this is what i think

  • Asiyah the pharoahs wife
  • Khadija the wife of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)
  • Fatima the daughter of the Prophet (s.a.w)
  • Maryam the mother of the Prophet Isa (Alayhis salam) also known as Jesus

What do you think?

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Posted: 18-03-12 17:19 by aliimz

agree with those, and bibi zaineb the Prophets grand-daughter :)

Posted: 18-03-12 17:44 by Lamise Hassan

My Mum's name is Asiyah OMG

lol.... i think they're all great :D

Hey Aliimaz, Khadijah was a successful business women wasn't she ^_^

Posted: 19-03-12 12:20 by Fyzah :p

yes she was

Posted: 19-03-12 13:19 by aliimz