Who was the most satisfied with the treaty of versailles?

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Posted Mon 24th September, 2012 @ 20:33 by talhe

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In all honesty no one was truly satisfied with the end results of the treaty.

The 3 powers (America, France and Britain) Agreed on a compromised treaty.

America: Woodrow Wilson was left unsatisfied as most of his 14 points were not agreed to, and had to keep compromising. 

France: Were left fairly satisfied, The Germans weren't punished as severely as what they wanted. The French demanded that the Germans were to Pay 200 Billion, America and Britain settled on 6600 Million. The French were given the coal production of the Saar had a buffer zone as The Rhinland was occupied for 15 year. They were give Alsace-Lorraine And German colonies in Africa.

Britain: Britain ensured Germany not to be punished too harshly as they wanted to make sure the French would live in fear and Not become the dominating power in Europe. They to were given German Colonies in Africa, and helped to manage areas controlled by the League of nations.

Take your pick! Hope this helped :D

Answered Tue 25th September, 2012 @ 08:55 by Jason Taylor