Who loves writing stories,poems etc; ?

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I DO !!! and I love reading other people's stories as well.

Here is my blog of things I have written, I am putting a new story up soon, watch out for it :)


Posted: 12-04-12 11:40 by ? Secret - Team GR

Hey these are good. The baby-sitter one seems good atm-if you keep going in the right direction it could be epic! I also like writing stories. I have loads written down somewhere. But as I was saying, your stories seem good. : )

Posted: 12-04-12 15:17 by Lauren

thanks :) im writing another one now.. ill tell you once i have written it.. 

Posted: 12-04-12 16:21 by ? Secret - Team GR

Thanks! : )

Posted: 12-04-12 16:27 by Lauren

I like writing stories and have written several **** ones on protagonize.com as Shadow_Knuckles and Bananabum96

Posted: 02-05-12 14:23 by Sonikkuruzu