Who loves Big Bang and SHINee?

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for people who don't know them, they're kpop bands and they're truly awseome!!! :D

Posted: 19-08-12 06:35 by sophie smith

Just youtubed and watched 2 of each of their songs. I don't like them. Listen to Daft Punk I recomend

Posted: 19-08-12 14:37 by Blitzcrank

My friend is mad on SHINee and loves them, I also have a couple of their songs I like Electric Heart, Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong. My friend knows all their names and watches this programme where they look after this kid!

Posted: 19-08-12 17:14 by Alice Deane

me too i love SHINee 

lucifer and ring ding dong

Posted: 19-08-12 17:57 by aliimz

Yh i love ring ding dong too and it was the first song i've heard by SHINee :) I also love hello and replay! Have any of you guys heard their latest song sherlock (clue + note)? oh i've attempted the lucifer dance because it looks sooo cool but i failed at it miserably -___-  K that programme is called Hello Baby and it's really funny and adorable so i think so you watch it ;)

Posted: 19-08-12 23:15 by sophie smith