Who has the Unit 2 geography exam tomorrow?

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I have the Unit 2 geography exam tomorrow, and i am a little worried! I'm not sure why! Does anybody have any advice? Thank you! :)

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Posted: 17-06-12 13:48 by daaaaish!

In Unit 2 it is important to learn your case studies as they can help you answer loads of the questions (except like definition one so learn key words too!). What sections are you doing? 

Posted: 17-06-12 14:09 by Dilly

OCR B Spec? Im revising it now, theres so much :'(

Posted: 17-06-12 14:32 by Me :D

Just make sure you know the case studies well, and read through them before the exam in the morning. I'm doing population, urbanisation and the development gap. what's everyone else doing?

Posted: 17-06-12 14:32 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I'm doing tourism, changing urban environments and the development gap. Tourism is really easy but I'm not a big fan of the development gap! u? 

Posted: 17-06-12 14:34 by Dilly

Learn you're key terms and how to use them in the correct context especially in bigger answers (5/6 marks) as well as you're case studies so you can say : "an example of this is..."

Example question: "Explain how population policies can be use to control population growth within a country. Give examples."

So you would note the word: Explain and remember what you have to do.

explain an anti-natalist policy: used to bring population down by controlling child births. An example is China's One Child Policy where they offer incentives such as free state education to couples with one child and fines or pushed abortions for second children.

explain a pro-natalist policy:Used to bring population up more or to solve the issue of an ageing population. An example is Singapores 'two or more' policy where they offer incentives to couples who have more than one child such as higher paid maternity leave.

I have the exam tommorrow as well, but if you remember to use you're geographical terms and refer to you're case studies where appropriate, you should get a decent grade no problem. Good luck!

Posted: 17-06-12 14:37 by Matthew

Sorry I didn't know everyone was doing different topics! Mine are; People, Work and Development, would this be right?!

Thank you all for your help! 

Do any of you have any advice with how to stay calm about/during the exam? I panic a lot! 

Good Luck to anyone taking it!:D

Posted: 17-06-12 15:28 by daaaaish!